Interested in how data clean rooms might help you improve your online marketing and meet your compliance objectives? To learn more about DCRs, see this great resource from the IAB: Data Clean Rooms: Guidance and Recommended Practices Version 1.0



Data Clean Rooms (DCRs) are increasingly crucial for organizations using first-party data in digital marketing and advertising to share personal data securely. Use of DCRs is becoming increasingly popular for advertisers seeking accurate audience addressability, consumer insights, data enrichment, and campaign optimization.

As DCR usage grows, there is a pressing need for industry-wide consensus on their operation and the development of standardized use cases and interoperability protocols.

In response, the IAB Tech Lab Rearc Addressability Working Group has developed principles, use cases, and operational guidelines for DCRs to help organizations implement these tools effectively. They are also advancing standards and specifications to support interoperability for specific use cases.

Gianna Jiang

Posted on

April 16, 2024