What We Do

We design strategies and deliver solutions to the complex compliance challenges facing businesses leveraging the AdTech ecosystem.

Adtech Privacy

We have the insights and experience to help you manage privacy risks and optimize results

We specialize in designing and implementing privacy compliance strategies focused on the adtech ecosystem.  Our approach considers regulatory requirements alongside our clients’ compliance objectives, business needs and risk tolerance.  Our international team of privacy professionals provides a full array of services that deliver outcomes that support your success in leveraging adtech tools to grow your business.

Digital Property Privacy Assessment

Cookie Consent Implementation

Data Subject Requests: Process Design, Implementation and Administration

Privacy Program Assessment and Development

Privacy Tool Implementation

Impact Assessment, Development and Review

Universal Opt-Out Signal Compliance

Tracking Technology Inventories

Privacy Notice Review and Updates

Privacy Organizational Development

Data Mapping and Data Inventory Build

Third Party Risk Management - Strategy, Program Development and Assessment Operations

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